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About Greek Lines

Greek Lines is a new initiative launched by Marketing Greece in collaboration with Greek brands. 

Marketing Greece is the collaboration of private sector tourism to promote Greece internationally. It is a not-for-profit company, founded in 2013 by the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE).

Greek Lines is a timeline… a line connecting images, designs, memories and icons representing Greek culture across history and time. The aim through the presentation of Greek-related, minimal, modern designs is to create a special connection between the viewer and Greece. To trigger emotions and memories so that Greek Lines memorabilia can be that piece of Greece left behind, with a promise to return and live the experience. Part of the proceeds will go to supporting Greek Tourism


Our Goal

✓ To create products that can be classic and elegant, that inspire and that are aesthetically innovative.

Our Vision

✓ To create a simple, stylish, less-is-more aesthetic through minimal and modern products that will best represent Greece in an imaginative kind of way.

Our Collaborators

  • Addstyle

  • Pennie

  • PrintSin

  • Mia Papa

  • Graffiti

  • Bleecker & Love

Tempted to discover Greek Lines products?


Ioanna Dretta

The Greek Lines brand is the embodiment of the idea of the importance of memorabilia as an essential element of any trip. Beyond an object that identifies with the memories and feelings one has experienced at a destination, they are a connecting link with the destination itself as they become part of its image… that one keeps at their home or their office.


Irene Vergitsi, Designer

The idea behind all Greek Lines Style Guide designs is to present Greek icons, symbols, images, feelings, historical images and motifs in a more minimal and modern way. As a designer, my aim was to create something new to the eye yet with a clear connection to its inspiration and starting point. It had to be something fresh and discrete that would have to ‘speak' to the viewer loudly and remind them of the Greek connection. It is incredible to see how these geometrical intertwining shapes and lines join together and “come to life" on products from various Greek brands.

Get in touch

For information, product orders and cooperation opportunities

please contact the Greek Lines team

"Marketing Greece S.A."
Registration Number : 125083101000
Head Office: Voukourestiou 20, Athens 10671

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